First and foremost,
My opponent signed a bill that would teach 5th graders sexual positions for heterosexual & homosexual relationships.  This law passed in our House of Representatives, but the Minnesota Senate voted it down. 
Having school age children, there is no reason a child needs to learn this material.  Additionally, it seems more school districts are moving toward an "opt-Out" model, giving districts more latitude in what they are teaching children. 
Let's keep our children safe. 

Other Important Issues:

I am "pro speech" 1st Amendment.  Speech should not be censored no matter how much we dislike what another person is saying.

I am  "pro-gun" guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment.

I am for community safety and backing first responders who deal firsthand with crises daily.  Therefor, I support Blue lives.  

I support Israel.

I am Pro-Life.

I support term limits. 

Under Obama, due to his regulations on the banking industry, I inadvertently lost my job due to the regulations that were passed. Due to Obamacare, my insurance switched providers and I no longer could go to the same doctor.

I am a Trump supporter because he has kept his promises.  The economy was booming before the pandemic hit and I believe once this is over the will roar back.  The stock market is strong.  I like how Trump has handle trade cost with China and the Middle East.  I think Trump has done a great job for our county economically.  



I am the Endorse Candidate of the Minnesota Republican Party.